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Industrial freeze dryer

industrial freeze dryer / lyophilizer



Product Application

* Health care categories: Cordyceps, ginseng, Korean ginseng, stems, grasses, etc.
* Freeze-dried dehydrated water products: sea cucumber, shrimp, fish fillets, crab meat, etc.
* Freeze-dried dehydrated meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb, clam meat, etc.
* Dehydrated instant food nutrition convenience food: egg flower soup, instant porridge, nourishing soup and so on.
* Freeze-dried vegetables: carrots, rapeseed, mushrooms, onions, garlic, green beans, corn, spinach, etc.
* Freeze-dried dehydrated vegetable bag is mainly made up of freeze-dried dehydrated vegetables, beef
bag, chicken bag, seafood bag,vegetable bag   so on.

Feature of design:

1. Touch screen LCD display, curve and data display dry process, PID intelligent adjustment, convenient for users to learn more data information. 
2. Cascade refrigeration technology, less freeze-drying time, imported brand protection, reducing noise, large cooling capacity, and large water catching capacity. High quality guarantees high performance. 
3. Built-in observation window, the drying process is intuitive. In-situ pre-freezing allows for automation from vacuum to drying, reducing the tedious operation of the drying process. 
4. Optional temperature recorder. Adjustable temperature recording points, real-time monitoring, no fear of forgetting, increase the guarantee for your experience accumulation. 
5. Freezer internal 304 stainless steel, easy to clean and durable. 
6. Silicone oil freezing medium, the error is ≤1 °C, and the drying effect is uniform.
7. Optional configure the inflation valve to fill the dry inert gas; 
8. Optional eutectic point test device, optional automatic pressure plug device;
9. The square shelf is not easy to deform, easy to operate and easy to clean. 
10. The drying room adopts high light transmissive colorless transparent plexiglass door, which can clearly observe the change process of materials during the operation.

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