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 Jinan Talin Tech Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing-trading combo,specializing in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality industrial microwave products,production lines and other customized parts,such as drying,sterilization,defrosting products,packing production lines,drying prodcution lines ,boiler spare parts  and  related services, from cost-effective manufacturing solutions to nationwide shipping and international trade. Thanks to the impressive development of technology and our unremitting efforts in the past ten years,to become one of the industry's strongest and most diversified suppliers of quality industrial products and leader.


"Quality production, starts with quality products".Constant improvement is a permanent objective of our company. The basic prerequisite for this is a strong quality management system. Talin Tech has a QA system that functions well and which has the purpose of ongoing optimization according to both China's national standards and the universally accepted international standards.CE,GB10436-89,GB-5226,GB16798-97, etc. Main products:Industrial microwave drying machine,all kinds of packing production lines,boiler parts,spare parts,, Microwave sterilization equipment, vacuum drying machine, Extractor, Microwave Defrosting machine,roasting and puffing equipment, microwave heating machine and production lines.We can also supply the whole production lines from raw materials to packing process,all functions can be customized according to your special requirements.


"Succeed, surpass and sustain", this has long been the motto and core value of Talin Tech. As one of the leading players in the China's industry,we are always wishing to join hands with friends all over the world to make endless efforts to build a high efficiency,low energy consumption and environment-friendly products and solutions.

Any questions about drying and equipment, please contact  talinchina@talinchina.com   OR  service@talinchina.com  for professional response.



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About Us
About Us