Characteristics of microwave Instant noodles drying machine

 microwave Instant noodles drying and sterilizing machine


The moisture content of the food is usually 30% to 97%, the use of microwave drying or microwave enhanced drying food has broad application microwave quick drying, such as microwave heating method will be dried to a moisture content of less than 20% of dried vegetables vegetables, more than 10 times higher than traditional methods of efficiency. This approach not only applies to the drying of vegetables is more suitable for the drying of seaweed food. Microwave Drying of vegetables under a microscope, can be found in their organizations with fresh vegetables close second only to freeze-dried products, but the short drying time of the freeze-drying. The microwave can also be fried products for final drying, not only to save oil, but also to get a low oil content, light and delicious food.


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Characteristics of microwave Instant noodles drying machine

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