Tunnel microwave sterilization equipment for Indian herbs have been shipped today

 Tunnel microwave  sterilization equipment for Indian herbs has been shipped today

A 40Kw customized tunnel microwave  sterilization equipment has been shipped to Mumbai port from Qingdao port  today. The microwave machine is used for sterilizing Indian herbs.

Advantage of Microwave sterilizing Machine :

1.Equipment adopt 304#stainless steel ,compact structure,save energy.

2.Adopt panasonic magnetron,long life,best effect.

3.Tunnel type design,continuous production,efficiency.

4.Drying and sterilizing simultaneously.

5.Low temperature sterilization,keep the original nutrition ,color and taste.

Welcome to our factory, choose the suitable microwave machine for your products.

we have three main microwave machines:microwave dryer,microwave sterilizer,microwave thawing machine.

Industrial Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment
Microwave Sterilization machine
Microwave Tunnel Thawing machine
Continously tunnel conveyor belt type microwave heating machine for meals
Industrial freeze dryer
80 Kw bay leaf microwave production line is being assembled

Tunnel microwave sterilization equipment for Indian herbs have been shipped today

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